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McIntosh 8" Foam Repair Kit

McIntosh 8" Foam Repair Kit

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  • Outer diameter: 195MM
  • Roll Over Diameter: 180MM
  • Cone Diameter: 150MM
  • Inner Diameter: 135MM
  • Gauge: 0.4mm
  • Model: 8F#1

    Repair Kit:

    • 2x surrounds
    • 1x T7000 glue
    • 1x applicator brush
    • 1x paper instructions

    Fits models:

    McIntosh: 36025, MC-1, MC1, ML-C2, MLC2, ML-1C, MC1C, ML-2C, ML2C, ML-2M, ML2M, ML-4, ML4, XL-10, XL10, XR-16, XR16, XR-5, XR5, XR-6, XR6, XR-7, XR7, XR-19, XR19, XRT-20, XRT20, XRT-22, XRT22, M-406, etc

    Subaru with McIntosh system: 090-0258-22, SPB-931-100, Legacy subwoofer 

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    Need Repair Glue?

    T7000 speaker surround repair glue