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JBL 6.5" Foam Repair Kit

JBL 6.5" Foam Repair Kit

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  • Outer diameter: 157MM
  • Roll Over Diameter: 140MM
  • Cone Diameter: 115MM
  • Inner Diameter: 105MM
  • Gauge: 0.8mm
  • Model: 6.5F#1

    Repair Kit:

    • 2x surrounds
    • 1x T7000 glue
    • 1x applicator brush
    • 1x paper instructions

    Fits models:

    JBL: 4206, 4401, 4406, 39-0057 F37F18C804DA, 115H, 115H-1, 115H1, 18TI, 206HS, 406G, 4206, 4406, 506G-2S, 506G2S, 706G-1, 706G1, C608 GTI, Control 5, CM 62, CM62, HP420, HP520, HLS610, J216, J216A, JBL2600, JBL62, JBL62T, JBL630, JBL630T, L1, L15, L20T, L20T3, LX-22, LX22, LX-300, LX300, LXE-330, LX330, LX-700, LX700, P20, PS-60, PS60, P-60, P60, PRO VIII, S2C, S2M L/R, S3HC, S3M, S3VC, S4, SVA-1600, SVA1600, Ti-600, Ti600, TLX-12, TLX12, XPL 200, XPL200, XPL-200A, XPL200A, XPL90A, XTi-20, XTi20, XTi-40, XTi40, XTi-60, XTi60, XTi-80, XTi80, and many more!
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    Need Repair Glue?

    T7000 speaker surround repair glue